Safe and professional executive taxi company based in Stokesley, North Yorkshire.


A professional local taxi company based in Stokesley, North Yorkshire offering a full range of taxi services.


Based in Stokesley, Balliol Taxis are keen to establish a fairer priced service for the local community and nearby geographical areas.


Our drivers have vast business acumen and experience with over 25 years of driving knowledge.

For all your local, corporate and travel needs - delivered by a fully police-checked, experienced, reliable and safe taxi company.

Airport Transfers

Whether it's for business or leisure, start

your trip in comfort and style.

Train Stations

Reliable and prompt service helping you

to arrive on time.

Local Journeys

Arrive at your destination comfortably and conveniently.

Ferry Terminals

Travel comfortably and stress-free to some of the UK's most popular ferry terminals.

We will reduce any genuine local quote by 20% - GUARANTEED!


We will quote on any fare, for any distance AND will give a 10% reduction on any local quote (Hambleton area) you have been offered - GUARANTEED!


No extra charges after midnight or very early journeys.


No extra charges for Bank Holidays (excluding Christmas and New Year).


Customer accounts available as well as a repeat and block booking service.


We specialise in corporate accounts.


Our vehicles are fully licensed through Hambleton Borough Council. All of our licensed executive drivers are fully police checked.

We will beat any local quote. Guaranteed.

For any general enquiries or for a direct quote use the details below.

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Commercial House, 10 Bridge Road, Stokesley,